Promotional Textiles

Origo X Têxteis develops and markets all types of promotional textiles, adapted to the different specificities of each customer, presenting itself as the ideal partner for companies looking to create or renew all types of textile merchandising.

Wide range of promotional textile products

Origo X Têxteis presents a wide variety of promotional textile products, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, coats, vests, polo shirts, fleeces, jackets, raincoats, sports trousers, towels, bathrobes and even accessories such as caps, scarves, aprons and reusable promotional bags.

Customization is available for all types of textile merchandising, and can be done through printing, embroidery, sublimation or transfer application.

Promotional textiles for all sectors of activity

Origo X Têxteis’ production and customization services respond to the most varied needs of companies or entities that wish to develop any type of promotional textile for different purposes.

Among the vast offer of promotional textile solutions, Origo X Têxteis presents proposals for merchandising of social events, cultural events, summer festivals, popular festivities, academic events (Ribbon Burning, student kit), congresses, seminars, colloquiums, political events, corporate events, sports events (marathons, solidarity races, walks) and even textile articles to promote spaces such as gyms, spas or hot springs.

Various customization techniques

Origo X Têxteis recognizes the importance of promotional textiles in the dissemination and communication of brands and companies with the public, and offers a personalized service, adjusted to the needs and possibilities of each customer.

The experience in the sector, the concern in selecting the best fabrics, and the use of various customization techniques, such as printing (screen printing and four-color printing), embroidery, sublimation or transfer application (digital or screen printing) and stones, allows Origo X Têxteis to create promotional items that stand out in the market.

With an excellent quality/price ratio and reduced response times, promotional textile solutions from Origo X Têxteis promise to add value to your company’s marketing and communication strategy.


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