Custom Textile Manufacturing

Origo X Têxteis provides a complete custom textile manufacturing service, from cutting the piece, manufacturing, finishing and final packaging, aimed at textile companies and agents.

Custom textile manufacturing for all types of garments.

The custom textile manufacturing service provided by Origo X Têxteis is dedicated to the production of all types of clothing, from sportswear, fitness and activewear (with knitwear and lycra highlighted as raw materials), homewear – such as pyjamas, dressing gowns and bathrobes – and all types of fashion clothing.

With a modernized production unit and use of efficient and automated equipment, articulated with qualified labour, Origo X Têxteis offers a quick response, with short delivery times, promoting its own affirmation in the manufacturing of custom textiles.

Service aimed at companies and textile agents.

Origo X Têxteis seeks, actively and on a daily basis, to contribute to the success of companies and textile agents that subcontract the textile manufacturing service for the development of clothing articles, providing, for this purpose, complete textile services, which include the cutting of the piece, manufacturing, finishing and final packaging.

This whole process begins in the planning phase, in which the technical sheets and samples are analysed in detail, in order to ensure, from the very beginning, the development of models based on the stylistic and dimensional specifications defined by the customer.

Complete textile service. Piece cutting, manufacturing, finishing and packaging.

Cutting is of the utmost importance in the production process, as it contributes decisively to the quality of the final product, to the accuracy of its measurements and, equally as important, to the optimization of raw material consumption.

After cutting, the pieces are carefully assembled in the textile manufacturing section, in order to guarantee a final product of the highest quality, according to the customer’s specifications.

Once textile manufacturing phase is complete, all pieces are subject to a visual inspection, through which measurements and manufacturing quality are again confirmed and analysed. As soon as the piece is approved in the quality control process, the ironing and folding phase follows, as well as the packaging and assortment with applications, always in accordance with the instructions provided by the customer.


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