About Us

Origo X Têxteis is a family-owned business established in 2010, headquartered in Santo Tirso, in the heart of the Ave Valley, dedicated to the development, production, mediation and marketing of textile products.


We want to succeed in the textile market and become a reference in national textile solutions.


At Origo X Têxteis, we work daily to develop, produce, mediate and market textile products, aiming at customer satisfaction, and we do all this following a policy of sustainability: we respect the individual, the society, the environment.

“The main objective of Origo X Têxteis is to succeed and for that we work to respond to the production needs of the small and medium-sized national market, ensuring the highest quality standards and offering an efficient response to the economic needs of our customers.”


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We are driven by three fundamental values that make us leaders in the sector and allow us to succeed in a competitive market:


We provide a service of excellence, working together with our customers;


We present solutions adapted to the needs of customers, providing quality products at the best prices;


We are a professional and honest organization, focused on achieving excellent results, always prioritizing the customer and customer satisfaction.