Rua Dr. Carneiro Pacheco 75K Loja 12
4780-446 Santo Tirso

+351 252 095 442



Under the motto "Têxteis Low Cost", Origo is a young company built in 2010 headquartered in Santo Tirso, dedicated to the manufacture and the marketing of the textile products in their multiple formats and materials. With own facilities, that are dedicated to manufacture and finishing of products and administrative services, currently we are in expansion stage in order to meet the changing marketing needs.

Origo focus in one goal, that is to meet the production needs of the domestic market of small and medium-sized, ensuring the highest standards of quality and offering the most suitable answer to their clients economics needs.

Origo's governed by 4 fundamental values: Competence, Quality, Growth and Results.

Competence because we look forward to achieve the excellence of the service we provide;

Quality because we offer solutions that are adjusted to our partners needs;

Growth because we demand the best from ourselves;

Results because we are a familiar professional organization directed to the achievement of results.